Teaching Fellow Results



Breakthrough Teaching Fellows make an enormous impact on their students and and learn as much as they teach.

After teaching in the 2019 Breakthrough Collaborative Summer Academy:

  • 95% of Teaching Fellows would recommend Breakthrough to a friend interested in education
  • 92% of Teaching Fellows reported that they wanted to stay involved in Breakthrough


“My time spent teaching for BTNOLA this past summer was a whirlwind. It involved late nights lesson planning, editing essays, attempting to reach curriculum objectives, and last minute changes to scheduling. Yet, at the same time, it involved being a part of a classroom full of eager and diverse students, it was colored by conversations about social justice over melted snoballs on a Friday afternoon, and it finished with a final celebration in which I realized how special the relationships that I had created with my students and fellow teachers were. These relationships were a direct result of the inclusive, warm, and celebratory culture which BTNOLA fosters, and I feel very lucky to be a part of this extended family going forward.”  

~ Talia

“Breakthrough Collaborative really opened my eyes to my calling. My family were educators or worked in the education system in some way. I felt pure joy and happiness when I woke up every morning to be with my kids. I was excited to get to teach them and make their day. To this day, I still share so many of my stories about my experience. Breakthrough made me reflect on my early childhood teachers who had made an impact on my life and how hard it was for me to move on from their classrooms. This summer, I found out how difficult it was to see my students move on from my classroom, as well. The teaching profession is so beautiful and inspiring, and I’m so grateful to have such an experience like no other.” 

~ Ra’Janae

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