Student Results



Breakthrough New Orleans measures program success through both qualitative and quantitative data-driven results, tracked in a nationally supported data system and evaluated regularly for student success. Some key outcome measures for success include:

  • 100% of students will demonstrate improvement in one, or more, core subjects.
  • 95% of students will report positive attitudinal change about school, self-efficacy and/or learning.
  • 100% of students will enter college-preparatory high school programs.
  • At least, 85% of student alumni will enter a four-year college.


“Breakthrough is a life-changing summer program I believe children everywhere should be exposed to. It is a rigorous academic experience that allows students to further their academic abilities, perform higher than their peers, and make the next school year just that much easier. Plus, you can meet other kids who share your same determination and drive to be something great! These same people can even become some life-long friends. Their impact along with the fantastic, energetic, inspiring college students who teach over the summer shape students into scholars. Without Breakthrough, I do not believe I would be the person or student I am today. I can honestly say, it has changed my life for the better” 

~ Makayla

“I have built lifelong relationships with both students and teaching fellows that I would not trade for anything in the world. BTNOLA has given me a greater appreciation for the field of education and encouraged me to become an educator. I have gained a better understanding of what it means to make a difference through education.”

~ Bria

Breakthrough Collaborative

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